11 Interesting Facts About The World’s Most Expensive Coin You Didn’t Know!

Most Expensive Coin

Do you want to know about the most expensive coin in the world today? Are you a coin enthusiast who loves collecting information and interesting facts? Read the article to learn about the unique coin and facts that will take you by surprise.

The “Double Eagle” gold coin is the most expensive coin in the world, which was last sold on June 8, 2021, for a whopping $18.9 million U.S. dollars. It became one of the most valuable coins in the world. However, the buyer wanted to avoid being identified.

According to the released statement, the gold coin was purchased by Weitzman in 2002 for $7.59 million. The current estimation of the coin’s value was around $10 to $15 million. However, it overshot the price and became the most expensive coin in the world.

11 Interesting Facts About The World’s Most Expensive Coin You Didn’t Know!

World's Most Expensive Coin You Didn't Know

To answer the question, what is the most expensive coin in the world? The Double Eagles gold coin minted in 1933 was ordered to be melted by President Roosevelt because he wanted to bring down the gold standards of the country. At that point, there were also recession and financial issues.

Therefore, it was important to use gold for the better! He also banned everyone from owning gold because the gap in the financial status of people was considerably getting affected by the gold standards. He thought he would be helping the bank’s status by withdrawing gold from getting privately owned.

However, this coin was owned privately, and the government could not procure it back. Based on a report by Reuters, the coin was the last gold currency struck in the United States. The status coin is the only legal and privately owned coin in global history to have survived.

What Is The Most Expensive Coin In The World?

What Is The Most Expensive Coin In The World

Despite the authorities best efforts, the Double Eagle gold coin was part of the handful of gold coins stolen from the Mint. These coins ended up in private hands, which led to criminal investigations into the owners of the coins. There were also several lawsuits filed related to these coins.

The coins were then recovered from the private owners by the government. Yet, the double eagle gold coin, currently the most expensive in the world, still needs to be recovered. A legal battle ensued between the previous owner of the coin and the U.S. Treasury, where the treasury lost.

In an auction in 2002, the Double Eagle gold coin of 1933 was sold for $7,590,000. Another bought the most expensive coin in the world from King Farouk of Egypt, who originally owned it. This private owner endured a long legal battle with the U.S. Treasury, later deciding to sell the coin.

The proceeds were then split with the treasury, and he additionally paid $20 to the Mint, thus, monetizing the coin. It makes the coin legal to own by the citizens of the U.S.

History Of The Most Expensive Coin

History Of The Most Expensive Coin

President Theodore Roosevelt commissioned the most expensive coin in the world in the early 1900s. The commission was given to Augustus Saint-Gaudens, one of the U.S.’s most prominent and preeminent sculptors. The artist was battling cancer then; therefore, he took the assignment with great caution.

Saint-Gaudens was quite apprehensive about the commission as he wrote to a scholar and collector in 1905 about his wish to do something applaud worthy of the condition of the money, yet he feared it when trying to design. The design has been one of the elements it is appreciated to this day.

The most expensive US coin was first minted in 1907 with the front feature of Lady Liberty moving forward while on the reverse side of the coin, an eagle was in flight. President Franklin Roosevelt removed The gold standard from the country in 1933. It led to most of the coins being melted, yet, some were stolen, including this one.

The United States minted 500,000 twenty-dollar gold pieces in the year 1933. President Roosevelt gave the order to melt the $20 gold pieces. Yet, the 1933 Double Eagle gold coin escaped its melting fate!

11 Interesting Facts About The Most Expensive Coin In The World

Interesting Facts About The Most Expensive Coin In The World
  1. The Double Eagle gold coin is the only one that a person can legally and privately own. According to Oscan Holland, who works for CNN, this coin is unique, as the owner of the coin won a legal battle against the U.S. Treasury.
  2. Interestingly, the Double Eagle gold coins minted in 1933 are still illegal; hence, if someone is found possessing any of these coins, they will be immediately seized!
  3. The gold coin was acquired by a private owner who bought it from King Farouk of Egypt. Later he was forced to sell the coin and split the price with the U.S. Treasury Mint.
  4. This coin was part of the Gold Rush contribution of $10 to $20 pieces of coins.
  5. Chief Graver James Barton Longacre created two designs; however, one of the two designs was never found in circulation.
  6. The original coin took a longer period when struck. Thus, more time was consumed while creating the coins.
  7. It was through the Gold Reserve Act and Emergency Banking Relief Act that the coin was ordered to be melted.
  8. The Double Eagle gold coins are struck in 22ct gold, where 91.6% fine gold has been beaten in each of the gold coins.
  9. The gold coins are USA-legal currency with a face value ranging from $5 to 50 dollars. They are considered investment commodities concerning metal value.
  10. The origin of the USA Eagle gold coins dates back to 1792. The coins were manufactured in 900.0 gold at a later date after 1834.
  11. On the gold coins, Roman numerals were used till 1992. When minting, the USA used Roman numerals previously, but after 1992, they started minting with Arabic numbers.


The interesting facts about the most expensive coin in the world are unique and surprising! You didn’t know about half of the information related to the coin. Isn’t it courageous for a man to fight the authorities for one gold coin?

Comment below to tell me which interesting facts you find unique! Imagine owning something so interesting and coveted by all!

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